The Louisiana Legislature did not properly pass the measure.

That was the ruling by State Judge Janice Clark concerning the last-minute retirement boost lawmakers gave to State Police Superintendent Col. Mike Edmonson and another trooper in what has been billed the "Edmonson Act."

C.B. Forgotston, Twitter

"And they did it in a backdoor, sneaky way and a conference committee reported at the last minute and then Sen. Neil Riser lied about it," says longtime political watchdog C.B. Forgotston, who broke the news on "The Moon Griffon Show" on Tuesday. "He's the one that instituted the whole thing. The rest of the legislators on the conference committee just kept their mouths shut. But Riser's a damn liar."

The judge's ruling voids the provision. No one defended it in court. Both Edmonson and the trooper said they had no intention of accepting the increased benefit.

Sen. Dan Claitor's lawsuit was filed against the Louisiana State Police Retirement System and various other state agencies.

"Somebody had to file a lawsuit," remarked Forgotston. "It's sad that none of the legislators who were part of this conspiracy, two of which are lawyers, refused to do so, in fact, did nothing. And it's kinda sad that the State Police Retirement System, whose fiduciary responsibility it was to file a lawsuit."