U.S. Sen. David Vitter said flood insurance reform passed by both the House of Representatives and the Senate was a "really big win."

Without the reforms, flood insurance premiums for many would have increased to "completely unaffordable" levels, Vitter said.

"I'm very very happy with this outcome," Vitter said. "It's very good for Louisiana."

Vitter said the reforms received broad bipartisan report because of the educational efforts started by local chambers of commerce and other sectors "sensitive to the real estate market...and that was a really successful education effort."

Vitter also expressed frustration that a bill which would have authorized Veterans Affairs clinics in both Lafayette and Lake Charles was blocked and held "hostage" by Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont. Vitter said Sanders was looking to pass a much larger, but less favorable, bill.

"We had unanimous support for this measure, except for Bernie Sanders, and again, he didn't disagree with anything within the four corners of the bill," Vitter said. "He was frustrated that his much bigger bill didn't pass."

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