U.S. Senator John Kennedy supports his fellow Louisiana lawmaker’s health care bill to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. Kennedy says he plans to vote for U.S Senator Bill Cassidy’s measure but it can be better. He says for example, Cassidy’s legislation gives states the choice if they want to impose a work requirement.

“I don’t believe it should be optional. If you’re able bodied and you don’t have children, you have to work in order to get the free healthcare.”

Kennedy also advises adding a plan to prevent Medicaid fraud. He say currently, patients do not really know how much a procedure costs and he wants to change that.

“Change the way consumers receive information from their insurance company so they tell how much money the procedure that they got actually cost.”

Kennedy says another amendment he will propose would prevent states from taking block grant funding and establishing a single payer health insurance system. He says he’d rather have private insurance companies provide coverages that could help lower healthcare costs.

“I don’t think that government coming in and regulating doctors, nurses and hospitals like they were a utility is the answer. I’ve never seen that really work.”