Senator Elbert Guillory visited 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' today and reaffirmed his belief that Louisiana's movie tax credit is good for Acadiana in particular and Louisiana as a whole.

In a recent KPEL interview blogger Walt Bennetti said he didn't understand Senator Guillory's support for the movie tax credit to which Guillory replied,

I'm not just a St. Landry Parish Senator but one who also represents Lafayette Parish and having Acadiana at my heart.  Acadiana is a prime beneficiary of the movie and television tax credit.

Guillory added,

Whenever there is a swamp, Cajun accent and an alligator in movies or on television it is a big bump for our economy.

Senator Guillory added he's not always in favor of tax breaks for industries looking to locate in Louisiana but,

A few years ago we decided to give this break to the movie and television industry and it's worked. A billion and a half dollars infused into our economy.  Our restaurants, hotels, people who work in tourism, hospitality and those who work in the movie industry have all benefited from the tax credit.

Guillory added that in the future Louisiana might be able to phase out the tax credit but it would be unwise to terminate the credit all at once.

Senator Guillory also discussed Governor Jindal's income tax proposal, the upcoming Legislative session and the state's retirement system.  You can hear his comments on those topics and more by listening to the interview: