Senator Mary Landrieu is criticizing U.S. House Republicans because they are not approving a transportation bill that could send millions of dollars to Louisiana. The bill contains her RESTORE Act--a plan to bring 80% of whatever fines BP pays for the 2010 Gulf oil spill to Gulf States. Landrieu says she doesn't understand why the House GOP won't act on this bill.

If House Republicans were concerned about falling job numbers they should be grabbing this bill and running it to the speaker's desk to pass it because this is in essence a jobs bill.

Landrieu says the RESTORE Act will create thousands of jobs and provide the Gulf Coast states with billions of dollars. She says this money is crucial to the coast by "putting the Gulf Coast back to work." She says the current transportation funding bill expires this month, and a Senate two-year extension was passed way back in March.

This is a bipartisan bill with one of the more liberal members and one of the more conservative members meeting to compromise for what's in the best interest of the American people.

Landrieu says 74 Republicans and Democrats in the Senate have approved the legislation. But House Republicans say they are not passing the bill unless Democrats agree to approve the Keystone Pipeline.