The art of saying thank you is slowly going by the wayside from my perspective. I was raised by a very southern mama and manners were as important as anything in our lives growing up. I can't even count the number of times she must have said 'kill them with kindness' over the years.

From the website,

The United Nations Meditation Group created World Gratitude Day to express appreciation for the great things that individuals and groups do. This recognition is on a global basis. According to their website: "World Gratitude Day presents an award to someone who we feel has done something outstanding in the spirit of Globalism."

This group also suggests that you find something to be grateful for, and  remember the feeling.


On a smaller scale, seek to give gratitude and appreciation to people in your life who have done good deeds. It could be something as simple as a "thank you" or a card of thanks to someone. Or, you could offer some type of certificate or plaque of appreciation from a group you belong to, for contributions from individuals inside or outside of your group.

So, I want to take the opportunity to personally thank you for coming to KPEL each and every day for the news and information to start your day. Bernie and I get up really early to give you the best show as you begin your day. THANK YOU for allowing us to do what we love.