The sequester is set to hit and Former Congressman Jeff Landry thinks that the President and Congress have not been doing their jobs.  He joined the Afternoon Drive Home to discuss the cuts that we've all been hearing about.

As to the cuts themselves and how they have been handled, Landry didn't pull any punches,

It's a sad mess.  From the government perspective, any of those that are out there claiming this is apocalyptic is ridiculous.  It's equivilent to you bragging about your diet while stuffing your face with cake.

Landry said that we need to cut a lot more than the $85 billion that is being cut in the sequester.  He also brought up the idea of the government raising taxes at the beginning of the year, reminding that means everyone needed to cut their budget.  Landry said that the government should be able to do the same thing.

Landry also mentioned that this was a part of the debt ceiling deal from a couple of years ago and that there was plenty of time to work on this before now.

When it comes to a lot of the scare tactics, Landry reminded everyone that it was Democrats that have been using them for the last 6 years.

Landry also said that this is the way that we need to use to get some cuts in place.

I was one of the ones that last year voted against a replacement for the sequester at one point, because I was like 'I'm tired of this.'  It's the only way we're going to get to the real cut.

Landry also pointed out several areas that we make up the money that is being "cut" in the sequester.

Turning to the future, Former Congressman Landry said that he has not made up his mind about what he will do next, but said that he is speaking with groups and listening to concerns.  Landry did say of the speculation surrounding him,

It is flattering, but the one thing that I am trying to consistently do is continue to move the message of conservatism and how we can have responsible government, affordable government and have an exceptional America again.

Listen to the entire conversation with Former Congressman Jeff Landry below: