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This story gives you real hope for the future.

KATC shares the story of 7 - year old Trenton Gardner of Bicknell, Indiana, who is working Christmas season at his local McDonald's restaurant. He's too young to work, but when he burst into tears when being told he was too young, the restaurant management made him an 'honorary employee' and allowed him to help out.

Trenton doesn't want to make money for himself. His parents say he became sad when he learned what the Toys For Toys bin at a local store was all about, that there are kids who don't get toys for Christmas like he did. Trenton decided he wanted to make money to buy toys for those kids and asked his grandfather to take him to McDonald's to get a job.

Trenton's parents say they have always taught him to know the value of hard work and money, and that they hope he will keep his sense of generosity and compassion as he grows up.