The Vermilion / Municipal task force has made multiple drug related arrested recently.  Five arrests have been made for various drug violations in Vermilion Parish.

Agents say while working their street level operations, agents recognized 27-year-old Ian Nolan of Abbeville for having oustanding warrants.  He had three contempt of court warrants.  While police were taking him to the Vermilion Parish Correctional Center they finding him trying to hided marijuan in his clothes.  Nolan was then arrested for possession of marijuana, and introducing illegal drugs into a penal facility.

In another case, agents say they the were acting on a tip when they went in search of suspect at a pharmacy in the parish.  Agents then found three suspects, but two of them fled, leaving the third person, 31-year-old Brandon Oliver to be arrested for unlawfully obtaining a controlled dangerous substance by fraudulent means.

In the third case, the task force received several complaints of possible drugs being sold from 905 E. St in Kaplan. An investigation ensued, and upon gaining sufficient evidence agents traveled to the residence to look farther into the matter.  Several small bags of suspected marijuana were seized along with a larger amount, and items to assist in the distribution of the drug. 34-year-old Kari Mallett of Kaplan was arrested for possession with the intent to distribute marijuana, and possession of drug paraphernalia. 24-year-old Hilton Stewart, who was also at the home, was arrested for possession of marijuana.

Finally, while on patrol agents tried to make a traffic stop, but they say 47-year-old Willie Robinson Jr (dob 11-8-65) of Kaplan ignored them. Agents say they noticed Robinson acting as though he was attempting to hide something as he continued to drive away. When they finally got Robinson to stop, agents noticed suspected marijuana in Robinson’s hand. Agents say when they told Robinson he was being arrested, he started to fight and resist the agents. After getting control of Robinson, he was arrested for possession of marijuana second offense, and resisting arrest.

Sheriff Mike Couvillon would like to thank the following persons for their effort in assisting with Task Force personnel. Abbeville Mayor Mark Piazza, Kaplan Mayor Kirk Champagne, Abbeville Chief of Police Tony Hardy and Kaplan Chief Boyd Adams.  Couvillon says,

“I realize times are financially tough all over, but the Mayors and Chiefs of these cities are committed to finding the funds to help the Task Force combat the illicit drugs problem that ruins our communities. The people of Vermilion and our children are the benefactors of these city leaders’ great efforts. It is my hope that in the near future other towns and cities in the parish of Vermilion will be able to assist in the continuing fight against illicit drugs.”

He encourages all citizens with information in regards to illegal drug activities to contact the Vermilion Parish Sheriff’s Office or the Vermilion Parish Municipal Narcotics Task Force at 337-740-4501 or E-mail the Task Force anonymously at and your e-mail will be held in the “strictest of confidence” and replied to in a very timely manner.