A line of very heavy thunderstorms is pushing its way from west to east across South Louisiana this afternoon. This line of thunderstorms contains storms that have the potential to bring heavy downpours, strong gusty winds, frequent lightning, small hail and the possibility of tornadoes across the area.

The National Weather Service has issued a tornado watch for much of Acadiana until 8pm this evening. A tornado watch means that conditions in the atmosphere are such that the possibility for tornadoes to form does exist. The Storm Prediction Center forecast suggests that the potential for severe weather in Acadiana is in the slight range. However, this area for potential severe weather stretches from the Gulf Coast to as far north as Iowa.

The current National Weather Service radar scan shows a line of storms extending  from just west of Oberlin Louisiana extending south through Jennings and to the coast. The line is moving slowly to the east while the individual thunderstorms within the line are moving northeasterly.

There have been severe weather warning posted with the line in the form of severe thunderstorm warnings and special marine warnings. The potential for very heavy thunderstorms will exist in much of Acadiana through the late afternoon and early evening hours.