Authorities in Central Louisiana have arrested a known sex offender for another heinous crime. This time Charles Lowery was arrested for taking despicable to a whole new level.

It seems Mr. Lowery was soliciting donations door to door asking for money to help a family that needed help for medical bills for a sick child with cancer.

The only part of this story is that Lowery was going door to door soliciting money. The family, the child, the cancer, was all a lie. Rapides Parish Sheriff's spokesman Lt. Tommy Carnline told the Louisiana Radio Network,

Over the last several weeks, the sheriff’s office has received several reports of a white van going through neighborhoods, soliciting money, mainly for a sick child. That was the story that they were given.

Carnline said officers investigating the complaints discovered that the man going door to door was also a registered sex offender. 

The subject had not registered this van as part of the stipulations of the law that he is under, and so we were able to make an arrest of Mr. Lowery.

Further investigation and interrogation brought to light this fact.

Our detectives also determined through their investigation that none of Lowery’s children have caner or were seeking any type of cancer treatment.

In addition to the sex offender charges Lowery was also charged with two counts of cheating and swindling.He is currently incarcerated in the Rapides Parish Correctional facility.