Crowley Police Chief K.P. Gibson says he teamed up with Louisiana Probation and Parole agents for a quarterly review of registered sex offenders this month.

He says they review offenders as part of the Sex Offender Registration and Evaluation program to make sure offenders are in compliance.

Chief Gibson says,

"Our goal of the S.O.R.E. program is to periodically check the registration of a sex offender and confirm that he is living at the registered address according to law. We also want to make sure that they sex offender is not violating any provisions of his probation or court ordered mandates."

Chief Gibson says 13 sex offenders were checked as part of the program, and two minor violations were discovered.  He says charges were not warranted, but they did file some corrections on paperwork.

Gibson adds,

"We will continue to make these unannounced reviews periodically to assure that the offenders are in compliance and the citizens in the area are as safe as possible."