First, we had sex offenders complaining they were not allowed to have Facebook access.  Now Facebook is considering accounts for those under the age of 13.  In my opinion we should keep the sex offenders of Facebook and any other social networking site ( They do enough networking on their own ).  In addition I think those under the age of 13 should not be given access to Facebook for a number of reasons.


With all the other activities in the world why should a sex offender be allowed on Facebook?  It is a networking their case...networking for what?  Right.  Let them find something else to do with their time.  Here's a thought.  What were people doing before Facebook?  With the exception of breaking the law and abusing others people were doing other things, so go back and do those things...just leave out the abuse and law-breaking.  Read a book, learn woodworking, go fishing, whatever...just stay off the computer and Facebook!

As far as Facebook attempting to decide if pre-teens will be allowed.  I bet their lawyers don't think kids lie about their age and the Good Ship Lollipop sails at sunrise.  As I said Facebook is considering letting pre-teens signup for accounts that parents would have full access to.  This way parents would be able to monitor their children's activities on-line.  Like kids can't think up codes to by-pass Mom and Dad's aging brain cells.  Just what parents need, something else to monitor!  Like soccer practice, ballet, gymnastics, baseball, football, cheer-leading and other extra curricular activities aren't enough for parents to juggle.  Oh, and I forgot school work.

Facebook is making enough money already!  Don't give Mom and Dad more responsibility and for God's sake don't give the sex offenders more trolling waters.