Right now there are only allegations that three teachers were having sex with students, but if this is found to be true, and that administrators worked to help cover it up, it is another example of what is so wrong with the treatment of our children in this country.

Fox News reports that three teachers from a New Jersey high school, Dan Michielli, Nick Martinelli and Jeff Logandro, are facing charges of sexual assault, child endangerment and criminal sexual contact.  Two administrators at Triton High School, Principal Catherine DePaul and Assistant Principal Jernee Kollock are accused of covering up what happened.

Again, these are only allegations right now, but what does it say about some in the educational system?  It says that some people care more about themselves, and less about the emotional and physical well being of their students.

How can you know about teachers having sex with students, including allegations of sexual assault, and not report this to police?  You are more worried about covering up the situation, why?  It's just so wrong.  At least their state, like Louisiana, now has charges that people can face when they fail to report sex crimes against children.

Look, I know that there are insane stories about how young people in America conduct themselves today, remember the teacher who left his wife for his former student?  I just think under no circumstances should an educator be "allowed" to have any kind of sexual relationship with a student.  It's wrong for a variety of reasons.  One big reason, because that person is in authority over the student, and it sets up a minefield of terrible issues that can come up.
You would think that three grown men, teachers no less, would know that it is wrong to have any sexual relations with students, but those are the allegations.  And if the allegations are true, what does it say about these three grown men that have to go "trolling" for sex among their students.  It's so disgusting.  Grow up, get a date, act like an adult and not a sexual predator.
If they are guilty, I hope they get a serious sentence.  It needs to be that way so that other undesirable people in positions of power know that if they prey on our children, they will face the fullest extent of the law.