A viral video showing shoddy work done at house in the Shelter At Home program has many questioning the reliability of the new program. Governor John Bel Edwards responded on his monthly call in radio show, saying he sent crews to inspect the home after seeing the video. He admits the work in that home was not up to standards.

“That home, by the way, had not been finally inspected and approved, and much of the work that you see in that video would not have been approved and would have been redone,” Edwards said.

Edwards did provide some clarification about what work Shelter at Home will complete, and what it will not. He reminded listeners the program pays up to $15-thousand for basic repairs- just enough to make the home livable, while long term renovations continue.

“None of the repairs in the Shelter At Home program are supposed to be permanent. In fact, FEMA cannot fund permanent repairs, and it is a shelter program,” Edwards said.

Edwards says many people have the wrong expectation of what their home will look like once the work is completed. He says Shelter at Home workers are now required what kind of work will be done in their home.

“We’ve started making sure that they are shown pictures of what their house will look like, in terms of the walls, their floors, the bathrooms, the kitchen,” Edwards said.