A shooting at the Grand 16 Theater on Johnston Street in Lafayette, LA has left 3 dead, including gunman, and 9 injured.

UPDATE: Next update anticipated around 5P

UPDATE: At least 13 shell casings located in theater. Gun hard to trace because of the brand. Theater does have surveillance that shows shooter waked in and purchased ticket to movie.

UPDATE: Shooter had one additional magazine. Dropped it in lobby as he tried to escape. Police presence believed to have caused him to return back into theater where he reloaded and fired one additional round into himself.

UPDATE: Gunman had disguises in getaway car. Had no accomplices. Not an ongoing threat.

UPDATE: Edmonson: "We may not find a motive, but thats not our goal right now."

UPDATE: Investigators following up additional leads as result of publicized name of shooter.

UPDATE: Approximately 300 people in entire theater building. 25 tickets purchased for screening of movie Trainwreck where shooting occurred.

Lafayette Police Chief Jim Craft says the shooter has been identified as 59-year-old John Russell Houser from Alabama. Craft describes him as a drifter who was staying at a motel here in Lafayette. Howser wasn’t working or associated with anyone.

Chief Craft says Houser was planning to escape last night before law enforcement showed up to the scene. 13 rounds were fired and the weapon Houser used has been recovered. No devices were found in his vehicle.

“His criminal past is very aged,” says Chief Craft.

Chief Craft identifies the two deceased victims as 21-year-old Mayci Breaux from Franklin, who died on scene, and 33-year-old Jillian Johnson from Lafayette, who died at the hospital.

Of the nine people who were wounded, two victims have been released while one remains in critical condition.

Chief Craft says the presence of law enforcement prevented more deaths. 12 ambulances were there within 6 minutes last night.

Law enforcement officials are still working inside the theater, which is shut down. There were no threats made at any other theater in Lafayette.

If you have any information about Houser, you’re asked to call the Lafayette Police Department’s 24-hour number at 337-291-8650.

UPDATE: Bodies still in theater, including body of gunman.

UPDATE: Next press conference will take place once building (Grand 16 Theater) is secure.

UPDATE: Craft: One victim has been released. One victim in surgery, not doing well. Victims ages range from late teens into 60s.

UPDATE: Craft: Shooter has a criminal history, but nothing recent. A lot of investigation still to be done on his background.

UPDATE: Dee Stanley advises Acadiana residents to stay away from Grand 16 Theater, describing it as a "major crime scene" that is still under investigation.

UPDATE: Governor Jindal says one victim—a teacher—jumped in front of a friend to take a bullet, then pulled fire alarm, maybe saving more.

UPDATE: The Grand 14 Theater on Kaliste Saloom has been closed as a safety precaution as police continue investigation.

UPDATE: Craft: 7 victims injured. 3 dead including gunman. Shooter white male in 50s. Scene secure. Victims injuries range from non-life threatening to critical and life threatening. Officers responded within 1 minute of shots fired.

UPDATE: Jindal: "This is a time for us to come together." #GrandShooting

UPDATE: Associated Press confirms 2 dead in movie theater shooting in Lafayette, La., including gunman; 6 injured

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