Update 2:30pm - The police officer injured on the scene was struck by a vehicle and is in stable condition, not shot as originally reported.


Update 2:00pm - Lockdown at the Capitol has been lifted.

Fox News has confirmed a vehicle tried to ram the barricade at the US Treasury building.

According to Fox News, a female suspect is in custody.


The US Capitol has been put on lockdown after receiving reports of shots fired in the area.

Fox News has reported that several people have been injured, including one Capitol Police officer.

US Senator of Louisiana David Vitter has confirmed to KPEL that everyone in his office is safe.

Congressman Bill Cassidy of Louisiana sent to the following statement of KPEL:

My staff and I are safe. The Capitol Police are an amazing group of men and women and out thoughts and prayers are with them.

Government aides are locked inside their offices.