Are police officers required to use seat belts, and why are they allowed to use their laptops while driving? Those were two questions submitted to "Ask the Trooper" with state police Troop I spokesperson Stephen Hammons.

Hammons said police are required to wear seat belts, and he said he "doesn't know anyone who doesn't wear it." Hammons also relayed his own experience of being involved in a head-on crash.

"I was actually very fortunate to have my seat belt on when I was hit by a driver...that crossed the center line," he said. "No one's exempt from getting into a crash."

As far as officers being able to use laptops while driving, the texting-and-driving statute allows an exemption for law enforcement agencies. Hammons said it would be difficult for police to have to pull over if they needed to enter in a license plate number and for other reasons.

"Police officers do go through a lot of training when it comes to driving," Hammons said. "A lot of different situations you're put into and taught how to use that computer and drive at the same time."

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