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There's a long and varied history of Christians reenacting Jesus' Passion, including some who are actually beaten, scourged, and nailed to a cross for a short time.

A Baptist bishop in Shreveport is looking to go even further. Bishop Rickey Moore of Sunrise Baptist Church in Shreveport tells WADM that he and his church are going 'extreme in 2016' with an Easter program he hopes will 'get the city's attention.'

Moore will seal himself in a coffin at the conclusion of today's part of the program at 3 PM, and remain inside until 3 AM on Easter Sunday morning. 'The lord gave me a vision and because of the vision he gave me I stepped out on faith.'

The reenactment includes the parts found in most Passion plays, but with the twist of Moore's 'burial.'

As you'd expect, there are many criticizing Moore's plan on social media, and some are questioning how he'll be able to pull it off without eating or using the restroom. Moore says he'll be praying and fasting while in the coffin.

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