This season's shrimp harvest has been smaller than normal, and that has caused prices at the market to go up for consumers.

Louisiana Shrimp Association President Clint Guidry said most of the shrimp we eat is imported, and there has been a decline in imported shrimp.

"Farm-raised shrimp, especially from Thailand, that is imported into this country started experiencing a disease problem called early mortality syndrome," Guidry said. "Thailand's official numbers are probably about a 70 percent reduction in imports."

Guidry said this is the highest price of shrimp he has seen in years. He said he is hopeful there will be a price decrease in the late spring when the catch is usually better.

"This year, we're about $2.80 right now, and I think the current price is about $2.70 or $2.80," Guidry said. "On the New York market right now, they are over $9 a pound, and we haven't seen that high of prices even since the year 2000."

Guidry said fishermen are always looking up and hope to see plenty more shrimp around May and June, which will lower consumer prices. He said this is when Louisiana gets about 5 percent of its shrimp harvest.

"Fisherman are eternal optimists," Guidry said. "If you wouldn't be an optimist, you wouldn't be a fisherman. You always think you're going to load the boat down tomorrow."