Angry Louisiana shrimpers gathered at the State Capitol to protest poor BP claims service, low dockside prices and federal interference, that they say all stems from the BP oil spill last year.  United Commercial Fishermen's Association president George Barisich says shrimpers are suffering huge losses, wth little action from BP to make things right. Barisich says despite extensive seafood testing to assure safety, a perception pervades that Gulf seafood isn't safe to eat. That's resulted in pitifully low dockside prices for what shrimpers can harvest.

Houma Senator Norby Chabert calls for government to make BP take care of shrimpers. Complicating matters are allegations from environmentalists that shrimpers are to blame for over 500 sea turtle deaths in the Gulf this year. Barisich and many shrimpers feel that chemical oil dispersants dumped in the Gulf by BP are what's killing the creatures.

Chalmette Rep. Reed Henderson says the deaths of 500 turtles hardly stack up against shrimping families facing loss of livelihood and worse, as their industry suffers. Shrimpers want more aggressive representation in Washington, to bring pressure on BP and the Gulf Coast Claims Facility to make it right, and remove environmentalist pressure.