LAFAYETTE, La. (KPEL) -- After a tumultuous 24 hours in which news the body of their daughter and good friend may have been discovered near a small cemetery in Evangeline Parish, representatives for the family of Mickey Shunick have released a video, calling on the community to respond to yesterday's events with kindness toward one another.

Josh Cohen, head of the social media team for the Find Mickey Shunick Now volunteer group, addresses rumors concerning the discovery of the female body. He says back-and-forth arguing on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter do nothing to bring Mickey back to them.

"This is an investigation," Cohen says. "As much as we'd like it to be like our favorite CSI episode, we're not going to have all of the answers at the end of the next thirty minutes."

"We don't know for a fact that what was found was Mickey, though we do know that we have something that will hopefully get us answers soon," Cohen says.

Over the course of the last three months, Cohen says the community has united behind Mickey, and he gives thanks the community, law enforcement, volunteers, and news agencies for their efforts in helping to bring her home.

"Let's please make sure that Mickey's life and soul will carry on with pride and love for the next 30 lifetimes," Cohen says.

"Remember to be kind to each other--always," Cohen says. "And always for Mickey."