SLEMCO has received over 1000 eligible scholarship applications for the twenty $2,000 college scholarships that will be given out June 2nd.  That is the day they will do the random drawing for the scholarships at their annual meeting as they have done for years.  Also, someone at that meeting will be randomly selected, and that person will have won a brand new car or truck provided by Courtesy Automotive.

Each scholarship can be used at any Louisiana public university while the student is working on their undergraduate degree.  If the person wins, the pay out will be half of the money for the Fall semester, and the other for the Spring term.

The scholarship program by SLEMCO has been going on since 1992.  The money comes from the Louisiana Legislature allowing unclaimed capital credit funds that are funding the scholarships.   to be used to set up a scholarship fund for SLEMCO members and their children.  Through the scholarship program, SLEMCO is able to keep those funds here in the Acadiana area to help local students.

“If you are a SLEMCO member and are sponsoring an applicant in the drawing, make sure you attend the Annual Meeting on June 2nd and have your applicant’s scholarship stub placed in the barrel,” said George Fawcett, director of marketing and communications.   “No applicant will be awarded a scholarship unless his or her sponsoring SLEMCO member is in attendance at the meeting.”

Questions concerning the drawing can be directed to SLEMCO at 896-5384.