U.S. Health Secretary Kathleen Sibelius says the decision has been made to keep that last of the smallpox virus right where it is.

The Secretary says they have decided against getting rid of their last-known stockpiles of the smallpox virus just in case some rogue person(s) or nation decided to try to use smallpox as a biological weapon against us. The Associated Press reports that, "the sole U.S. and Russian stockpiles would remain in place for at least another five years when the World Health Organization could review the situation."

Sebelious sat on the sidelines of a WHO assembly debating the matter that the U.S. is "committed to the eventual destruction" of the stockpiles but fears that smallpox could still re-emerge and be released unintentionally or deliberately used as a bioweapon. Scientists would need the virus to create a vaccine. Most scientists believe that smallpox was eradicated three decades ago.