Eating award-winning meat for a good cause.

That’s what you’ll have the chance to do on June 13 at Parc Hardy in Breaux Bridge during Smokey Breaux’s BBQ in the Parc State Championship. It’s an event that’s growing in popularity and will feature about 40 teams from across the state and the region

Pulled pork sandwiches from Poche’s Meats and Johnson’s Boucaniere will be sold for $5. Also, at 11:00 am, the public will get to sample and judge baby back ribs for $5.

Todd O’Neil  and the Dirt Road Band will provide musical entertainment. There will be face painting for the children, a fun jump and a raffle at this family friendly event.

“This is all about gaining awareness,” says event organizer Paul Bosworth, who deals with a brain injury himself that he sustained in Washington, D.C. “I went from a corporate life – the guy with the phone and the car and the connections – to all of a sudden going ‘wait a second, medical science doesn’t know about what this is.’ If I can rub off on the next person, and then they can rub off on the next person, then we have something going on.”

For more info, or to register your team, contact Paul Bosworth 919-656-7928