I had to read this three times and rub my eyes to seriously understand the words I was actually reading. Apparently, little kids in Louisiana have been ticketed lately for not having an occupational license for their lemonade stands.

The good news is that the Louisiana State Senate voted 37-0 for a bill that would exempt minors engaging in sales of less than $500 a year from having to pay an occupational license tax.

Y'all, time actually had to be spent to discuss this, and then vote to create a bill to prevent municipal officials from writing little kids tickets for operating without a proper license.

Can you imagine if your kid had a lemonade stand at the end of your driveway, and then got a ticket? I would seriously pass out from tears of laughter. Not only would I never pay it, but would gladly go to jail for not paying it if it came down to that.

In the couple of stories I found about this, I couldn't find exactly what cities this has been happening in. Honestly, I didn't try too hard to find out. I don't think I really want to know.

Bgdailynews says "Sen. Norby Chabert, a Houma Republican, simply asked Smith: "Are you serious?" Chabert then urged local officials to use more common sense".

The bill is now headed the House for consideration. I repeat, the bill is now headed to the House for consideration.