In this edition of Brand Buzz, KPEL's Jeremy Lawrence continues the conversation with Jaci Russo on how to teach your children how to be good online citizens.

There is what I like to call the traffic accidents of the Internet that are happening everyday. I find that schools and law enforcement focus on the airplane crashes of online predators, but it's those daily car accidents that happen all the time, sometimes it's just a fender-bender - an off-color comment made here or an inappropriate word there - all the way to major fatalities - kids not getting into schools or kicked off of teams because of stuff they wrote online.

Russo continued by noting the importance of parents becoming more aware of the very products kids use online - including Instagram, which, Russo says, chiefly targets a teen and pre-teen audience.

"Parents are unable to guide their kids in the use of it, because they don't know what it is," said Russo.

If you want to know more you can register for the Parents Protecting Their Kids On Social Media class for two hours on Thursday, July 19th.