It rained a good part of last week, and so I am guessing that lots of people must have felt cooped up in their homes and offices, because by the time Friday's sunshine rolled around, the driving pyschos were out in full force!

I can only guess that all the good weather on Friday of last week meant that everyone had errands to run, but I would like to think that some of these people have brains, but I am being to think that is not so.

My first mistake?  Going to the big box store!  My second mistake?  Thinking that ladies with silver hair are mature enough not to drive across several lanes of parking spaces to get where they need to go at three o'clock in the afternoon!!  I was driving the correct way down the lane when some lady decided she was going to cut across several lanes of the parking lot! ( I driving straight, she's driving horizontal, see the problem here).  I had my heart broken after slamming on my brakes and pushing on my horn  when this grandma gave me the dirty look!!  Really?? You should no better!  I hate the word shame, but shame that was she should have felt.

Next, I am driving south down Ambassador toward the Honey Baked Ham company, cause we had company coming and I didn't want to kill them.  I was going to pick up some goodies!  I am parallel with some big truck, and what do you think happened?  Mrs. Sunglasses (which were ugly) decides she is getting into my lane!  No turn signal and our cars were parrallel to each others.  Ug!!! I honked my horn, she got back in her lane only two seconds later to try it again.  So what the hell, I figured hey I don't want to die today so I slowed down and let her go.  As luck would have it, she then gets into the right turn lane so we are parallel again, only we have a lane between us.  I give her the sign where you put your finger to your head and drag it around to indicate craziness, and she gave me the dirty look!!!!

Look, if you can't drive, you don't know how, or you're are just a cow about it---STAY HOME!  The rest of us want to live!