I've really begun to wonder if every adult should be allowed to vote.  Adult citizens of this country who have not been convicted of a felony are allowed to vote if they are registered to do so.  I think voting is a right, a privilege and a duty.  I read a story this morning that really made me question a right to vote.

According to an article from TheSmokingGun.com a Tennessee man was charged with domestic assault after he attempted to destroy a computer and injured his girlfriend while doing so.  Why was he trying to destroy the computer you ask?  It seems Lowell Turpin got very upset when he saw a picture of a man on her Facebook page and questioned Crystal Gray about her relationship with the man.  Ms. Gray informed Turpin that it was a picture of presumptive Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.  Turpin did not believe her and began questioning her general activities on the social networking site.  A verbal and physical altercation ensued and Turpin attempted to destroy the computer.

The above description of Mr. Turpin's behavior scares me to death!  Assuming (I know) that Turpin is a registered voter it scares me that he will actually vote!  With the unprecedented almost four year long campaign with all the television time both candidates have had this clown did not know who Mitt Romney is!!  I wonder if he knows who the current leader of the free world is?

Things are bad enough in this country when some people question whether you should have to show an ID to vote.  I'm beginning to think you should be given a basic civics and "current events" test to know if you've been on the planet for more than 15 minutes.

How will Mr. Turpin make an intelligent choice in November?  Really.  Unless it was a very bad picture of Mitt Romney and out of focus I bet most people over the age of potty training could tell you it was Mitt Romney.  At least they could tell you it was some guy running for President.

As I said, a civics/current events exam should be administered before you are allowed to show your ID at the voting booth.  If you don't know who both candidates are on sight you don't vote and here's your sign!