I have written two opinion pieces already on bad driving habits, and believe me, I know I am not perfect.  But, I do have a problem with people who try to drive vehicles that they have no business driving on the interstate in wet weather.

Saturday evening I was a passenger in my sister's vehicle as we were driving down interstate ten on our way home from a short trip. We had just come passed over the Mississippi River Bridge heading home when we noticed a moving truck in front of us.  My sister is a very good driver, but "truck man" was not!  As we started to get closer to him, we noticed that he kept going over the line, and we started to worry.

This driver just kept driving over the white line, and he was one of those drivers that thinks that he was setting the flow of traffic, and of course he was not!  So here is this idiot, driving mostly in the left lane, slowing down the flow of traffic, surrounded by cars, and he can't keep the moving van in his lane.  It was starting to get really uncomfortable.

My sister decided to reduce her speed, and we moved into the right lane as we approached the Atchafalaya Basin Bridge-oh, what fun.  Thankfully my sister just slowed down to let the idiot get ahead of us and all of the other cars.  Did I mention there was tons of traffic yesterday!  Ugh, this guy was going to kill someone!

I called Louisiana State Police to let them know what was going on, and they were going to send someone out, but man, it was nerve wracking.  The "truck man" decided not only was he going to drive in the left lane, keep going over the line almost hitting cars, but he also decided to slow down.  What a nightmare.  Finally, he decided to speed up, and we were rid of him thankfully.  I really felt sorry for all the other drivers up ahead of us.  We were safe, but those poor people were going to have to deal with this idiot.

It's none of my business what you want to drive, where you want to drive it or anything else on the road as long as you follow the rules.  If you are stupid enough to think you can drive a moving van, but you have no experience.....don't do it!  Or if you are too stupid not to pick that choice, let someone else drive.  People wonder all the time why crazy things happen on the road, but we all know the answer.....stupid people.