Talk of uncommitted delegates choosing Ted Cruz instead of Donald Trump for president is not true according to one of the members who said he has yet to make up his mind. Trump is trying to decry the system because even though he won the primary here, Cruz could end up with more delegates.

Luke Letlow, a Marco Rubio delegate from north Louisiana, says he is 100% unbound at the moment.
"I'm truly watching the race and looking to see who will ultimately win in November," said Letlow.
Newspaper reports indicated that Louisiana's five state party leaders going to the Republican convention, and the five delegates who were formerly pledged to Rubio, were planning to support Cruz.
But Letlow, who is also Chief of Staff for Congressman Ralph Abraham, says he and three other delegates got together and agreed to stay uncommitted until the convention.
"And on a positive note, this brings attention to Louisiana and continues to allow us to be part of the equation for whomever the nominee will be," said Letlow.
Letlow says he's been approached by both the Trump and Cruz campaigns since Rubio dropped out. He says he's very conflicted about which candidate he will ultimately pledge his support, but they both have their strengths and weaknesses.
"This is a battle tested process and it's that way for a reason," said Letlow. "We need to have the strongest candidate going into the election."