Ralph Peters of the Family Violence Intervention Program joined 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' today to discuss the local program.

When asked if family violence was a growing problem or a problem that's always been present in society Peters responded,

It's been there all this time, it's becoming more obvious and it's a generational thing.  It continues down through generations.  I see children of people I arrested when I was policeman.  In one case a grandchild of a person I arrested.

We asked Peters if participants were in the program due to court order he said,

About 95 percent of our clients are court ordered from the Lafayette City Court, the Judicial 15th District Court, the DA's office sends us a lot.  We have a lot from Family Court and a small amount from Department of Children and Family Services and we have a few volunteers.

We asked Peters if there was a cost associated with the program and if the offender paid and he said,

That is correct.  It's part of the accountability and it helps to keep the program alive.

When we asked Peters what family violence is about he responded by saying,

It's about power and control but it's also made worse by substance abuse and even stress.  On occasion we get those we call 'Jerry Springer Families'.  They just like to fight.

Peters said the first step for someone to end the cycle of violence is to call Faith House at 337-232-8954 where trained counselors can give them confidential help.  More information about the Domestic Family Violence Intervention program can be had by calling 337-232-2440.

There's a lot more to this interview than you can listen to here: