Another Food Friday brings us a conversation with personal chef Jon Soileau.  Today, he told us about sourcing food.  That can be broken down into the Farm to Table movement, where restaurants can get with local farmers to get their produce and other items that they serve.

A lot of restaurants have even gone to the idea of  having their own farm in order to supply themselves.

Sourcing food is something that you can do yourself as well in cooking at home.  Soileau mentioned that there are ways to cut back on expenses and find sources for food that are grown locally.  He encouraged that people start growing their own food in a garden.  Soileau also mentioned that local farmers are doing a great job of supplying the area with food.  He said that you can tell local sources are spending a lot of time on their food to make sure it is high quality.

Soileau also mentioned that it is a great way to eat healthier if you find a source for food locally, whether it be a farmer's market or your own garden.

Check out the complete conversation below: