For a lot of us the July Fourth Holiday was a bit of a wash out. It started to rain in the middle of the day and just kept on raining. Some of the storms reached severe limits and there was even a report of a lightning strike injuring some people at Toledo Bend Reservoir.

Will we finally get the chance to dry out this week? Or will Mother Nature continue to cool us off with the occasional afternoon or early evening shower or thunderstorm.  It is July so you can't rule out the threat of an air mass thunderstorm anytime there is this much heat and humidity in the atmosphere.

The National Weather Service forecast office in Lake Charles is suggesting a mix of clouds and sun with only a 20% chance of those afternoon showers through out the week. The problem with reduced rain chances is that usually means it will be hotter in the afternoon.

This weeks forecast temperatures are not that out of line with the normal temperatures for this time of year. Expect afternoon readings to reach at least 90 degrees each day. The heat index will certainly make it feel much warmer than that.

The tropics continue to be very quiet. That is in keeping with the seasonal forecast that suggested this year's tropical activity might be less than average. That is a good thing.  The National Hurricane Center is predicting no tropical cyclone formation anywhere for the next 48 hours. Many of the long range tropical weather models suggest that tropical cyclone formation is not likely over the next five days.