KPEL personality Tootie Landry is back with a whole new segment: "Off the Grid." It's a segment where she brings attention to things you may or may not see everyday, but may not know much about.

In this edition of "Off the Grid," Tootie spends a day with the homeless population of Lafayette.

"It's 'Off the Grid,' and I'm Tootie Landry.

Its hot. It's humid. It's Saturday and I'm here to tell a story. I'm not here to judge people or the circumstances that got them to this place. I'm here for a different perspective .

I'm spending the day with the homeless population of Lafayette and they each have a story. I started the day at 6:30 a.m. standing in a parking lot waiting for a 17-year-old to drive up. This young girl and her friends generously cook breakfast each Saturday for the 50-plus men patiently waiting.

She is not the only Samaritan in Lafayette who does this. I learned many others are personally committed to feeding the thousands (yes, thousands) who have found their home on the streets of Lafayette .

After breakfast I quickly learn you walk and walk, then wait for the library to open. Of course there are the panhandlers but I was not in that group. Lunch follows at the St. Joseph Diner. Spaghetti was served that day and its as good as an Italian's wife from Boston. Or at least it taste that way when you are homeless.

I befriended a guy named Jim who explained their mindset for the day. They don't trust easily. It's a game of survival. They sleep anywhere from alleys to tent cities in hidden areas around town. Some bathe in the pond at Beaver Park. Traveling through the coulees around town easily keeps one out of sight. Bathroom facilities are always a challenge . Dinner is at the Salvation Army.

It was an eye opening, somber experience . But one thing I took away was the human spirit still exist. Because most seemed to care if the New Orleans Saints win on Sunday.

And I'm Tootie Landry and I'm 'Off the Grid.'"


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