I just finished watching a documentary that has me thinking.  It was part of ESPN's 30 for 30 series and it details the trials and tribulations of the Baltimore Colts Marching Band.  That's right, the Baltimore Colts Band.

If you have not seen the film, it is worth an hour of your time as it tells the story of what a city does when its team leaves.  I can remember well the era that the Colts left for Indianapolis, but what it meant is something that can't be connected with unless you were there.  I think we all got a taste of it again when the Browns left Cleveland.  I can even remember an editorial comic from the era that had a fan holding up a sign at a game that read, "Go Team!  (but not, like, literally or anything)"

I am reminded about those that have lost a team that they are distinctly different people with many different beliefs.  But, those are set aside when it is time to cheer their team on to victory.  For our area, how many Cajuns fans will set aside political differences to cheer them on to victory?  The same can be said of the Saints, or LSU or any team that has a sizable following.  Sports unites us in a way that nothing else can.  We may disagree on the way government should work, or the way that you raise kids or anything that people can have differing opinions on and turn on a game and you get something totally different.  Unity around the idea that this team should win.

I myself am a sports fan and while it is not the end all, be all for me, I can say that it has carried me through good times and bad.  Memories of going to NFL games and baseball, both Major League and Minor League have been some of the best that I have enjoyed.

Many have asked how to reunite the country after a divisive election and I have one simple suggestion.  Turn on a game.  Let's watch some sports and put aside those differences.  In the end, we will all have better memories of a Saints victory than we will of a victory for Democrats or the GOP anyway.  And, let's face it, in today's world we all need a diversion or three to survive.