Jaci Russo stopped by the KPEL studios for her weekly "Brand Buzz" segment on "Your Afternoon Drive Home," and popular music streaming service Spotify was the topic up for discussion.

Russo singled out Spotify as an example of a "small upstart taking up established businesses."

"I think it's interesting to look at it and study the way it is doing something different," Russo said.

Russo said Spotify is an example of a company that watches its competition and responds accordingly. The popular music streaming service has taken on Pandora, allowing users to to have almost complete control of what they can listen to. Under Pandora, listeners can only listen to certain genres.

How can local businesses look to Spotify as a model for success?

Consumers want to have control now. They're not willing to take it the way you want to give it. They want to get it the way they want to get it. And so you see that wildcatter Cajun entrepreneurial mentality all the time, where companies are starting up and saying, "Hey, we can do this better." And that's what Spotify did.


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