A St. Landry Parish School System teacher has been arrested by the Sheriff's Office for allegedly showing R rated movies to his students.  Captain Meghan Vizena says teacher Brandon C. Levier was arrested yesterday on six counts of exhibition of material harmful to minors.

Captain Vizena said, "Our juvenile detectives received a complaint from a concerned parent stating that her child came home from school telling her that his teacher showed the clas a movie with a naked lady.  The student also told his mother that the class had been watching several movies showing nudity and profanity."

Vizena tells KPEL that two of the R rated movies that Levier admitted to showing his students were "The Hangover" and "Ted".  She adds that the students were told not to tell their parents.

Vizena says, "Our Juvenile Detectives immediately initiated an investigation and were successful with obtaining a search warrant for the home of Brandon C. Levier.  Mr. Levier did admit to showing rated R movies to his students."

In addition to those movies, which have nudity and profanity, Levier also showed students several PG-13 movies. Vizena says Levier told detectives, "Yeah, I showed it to them, I didn't really think it was that big of a deal."

Levier was charged, booked in the St. Landry Parish Jail and was later released on a 6-thousand dollar bond.

The youngest students in the class are twelve-years-old.  No other information was given on the grade level of the students.

So what now? Click here to listen to what Captain Vizena says will happen next: