Police in St. Landry Parish and Crowley have recovered an item (pictured above) that was found in a house with other stolen items, and they say it may be a link to solving other thefts in the area. Detectives that by speaking to the owner of this piece of property it could significantly help in other possible theft cases.

Lt. Megan Vizena with the St. Landry Parish Sheriff's Office says the stolen items were found in the home of James Ervin Brock, Jr. These were items that police say was stolen from several businesses. There were also other suspected stolen items that were found by police, items that included welding equipment, collectable items, vehicle parts, power tools, hockey equipment and other miscellaneous items.

Detectives are looking for anyone who may have these items missing from a storage facility in the Acadiana area. They are asking anyone who believes these items have been stolen from them or anyone who recognizes the initials "Rest In Peace" to call the St. Landry Parish Sheriff's Detective Division at 337-457-4115.

You will be asked to describe items to a match and also explain to detectives when and where these items were stolen.