St. Landry Parish School Board members have decided that the time has come for them to make a decision about who their next superintendent will be.  Joseph Cassimere has held the interim slot since March of last year, but the last vote on the superintendent's job was halted when two board members were caught up in an investigation.

Two board members, John Miller and Quincy Richard, were indicted by federal officials for allegedly asking for a bribe from one of the candidates in exchange for their favorable votes.  Those indictments then stalled the vote for selecting a new superintendent.  Both Miller and Richard pleaded not guilty at their November 2012 arraignment.  Federal officials allege that the two were trying to each get 5,000 dollars out of Cassimere for their favorable vote for his selection as superintendent.

Last night school board members, including Miller and Richard, voted to include the selection of a superintendent as one of their agenda items on their agenda for the February 7th meeting.

Cassimere succeeded Interim Superintendent Donnie Perron as the head of the school system. Perrron had taken over when Superintendent Michael Nassif announced his was going to quit.