Two St. Martinville landmarks-- the Acadian Memorial and the neighboring Cultural Heritage Center--are still closed following the devastating floods in August.

Acadian Memorial Post-Flood (St. Martinville Tourism Photo)

Acadian Memorial Director Elaine Clément said one foot of mud and water inundated the Acadian Memorial building. Next door, the Cultural Heritage Center--that houses the African American Museum and the Museum of the Memorial-- received 18 inches of mud and flood water.

"The Robert Dafford and Dennis Paul Williams’ murals are fine, as well as most of the exhibits," Clément said. "Due to the sheetrock damage, everything will have to be removed from the Cultural Heritage Center to repair it.  The Acadian Memorial is in a bit better shape, although we are waiting on some information to make a final determination."

Cultural Heritage Center Post-Flood

Both buildings are located in downtown St. Martinville mere feet from the water's edge of the Bayou Teche.

In some areas of St. Martinville, flood waters lingered for weeks following the end of the devastating rains.

Clément said the earliest the museums will reopen is late November.

To follow to the progress at the museums visit the City of St. Martinville or the Acadiana Memorial Facebook pages.