Narcotics agents decided to pull over a woman who was not driving in just one lane.  A twenty-six year-old woman from Bayou Vista was arrested early this morning after a traffic stop.  St. Mary Parish Sheriff's deputies report that Jamie Williams was arrested on a variety of drug and other charges.

Agents with the narcotics division were patrolling the Bayou Vista area this morning when they say they saw a car on highway 90 cross the center line multiple times.  When deputies pulled over Williams, they say she had a small child in the car with her.  When they started investigating, they say they found marijuana in the center console of her vehicle.

Agents say during their investigation, they discovered information leading to suspect that Williams has been sending contraband into the jail.  They believe things like marijuana and ecstasy were making it into the facility.  Deputies say Williams was arrested on the following charges:

  • possession of Marijuana, 1st offense
  • possession of Controled Dangerous Substances (CDS) in presence of a juvenile
  • violation of CDS Law (Drug Free Zone)
  • improper lane use
  • 3 counts distribution of Marijuana
  • distribution of Ecstasy
  • 5 counts introduction of contraband into a penal facility

Police says no bond has been set in the case yet.