The State Bond Commission has given approval to millions of dollars in projects across the state of Louisiana.

State Treasurer John Kennedy's report shows that Lafayette Parish has been approved for $80 million in Limited Tax Revenue Bonds for the Lafayette Parish School System.

The Lafayette School Board officials will be using the money to build a new high school in Lafayette Parish.

The money would be used for capital improvement projects, new and upgraded school buildings along with school related facilities.  They money is also slated to be used to buy needed equipment and furnishings for the facilities.

The Lafayette Parish School Board had already given approval to allow for bonding out the money, but it also needed approval by the State Bond Commission to sell the bonds.

In addition to the Lafayette money, multiple parishes will be benefitting from the State Bond Commission allotting for $199 million in Refunding Revenue Bonds for Louisiana Public Facilities Authority's Entergy Louisiana project.  According to the Commission, this move will mean a savings of some $35.2 million.