BATON ROUGE, La. (KPEL) -- The Louisiana House voted 63-25 Thursday on an amended bill that would allow any resident holding a concealed carry permit to bring their gun into a restaurant serving alcohol.

Haughton Rep. Henry Burn's bill originally allowed only off duty police officers that right, but it was amended in committee to include all concealed carry permit holders, irritating New Iberia Rep. Terry Landry, who accused Burns of sneaking in the amendment.

"This is about the carnage, and the killing, and the violence in this state that leads the nation," Landry said. "And we continue to include and push the button on guns."

Shreveport Rep. Barbara Norton also opposed the bill, calling on lawmakers to strike down the amended version.

"Please, by all means, look at this," Norton exhorted. "If a gunfight break out in a restaurant, it could be your family, it could be your children, it could be your grandchildren, who will come up hung."

Burns defended the bill, however, saying it was approved with the amendment in committee. It was his original intention, Burns said, to include only off duty officers because he felt they are always on the clock.

The bill now heads to the Senate.