Today State Senator Elbert Guillory visited 'Mornings With Nathan and Bernie' and discussed comments made by Opelousas Mayor Don Cravins during a speech made before the recent general election. Cravins said 'if you voted early, vote again' but said he was only joking. Senator Guillory said this is serious matter,

During the last Landrieu election in New Orleans there were precincts that voted 120%, 110% because there are ways for people to multiple vote. Typical old school, old boy democrats politics.

When asked how is this amount of fraudulent voting possible Guillory replied,

People use social security numbers and affidavits instead of regular id's. We do need to tighten up the system...By responding to a lot of the complaints we've made the system a little too loose.

To listen to the entire conversation with Senator Elbert Guillory click on the blue arrow below: