Today on "Mornings With Ken & Bernie" State Senator Jonathan Perry discussed two very important issues to be voted on by the Louisiana Legislature this session.  Perry said one of the hot topics was the use of FITAP or Family Assistance Debit cards being used for gambling, drugs and sexual entertainment.

Senator Perry said "the misuse of FITAP debit cards was first brought to my attention by Ken and Bernie at KPEL".  After some investigation Perry found a sign outside of a bingo hall in his home parish of Vermillion promoting the use of the debit card to pay for bingo.

In addition to the misuse of FITAP debit cards the legislature is also considering legislation that  would  prohibit  motorists from using a hand-held  cell  phone while behind the wheel.  Baton  Rouge Representative Regina Barrow's bill would allow drivers to talk on a cell-phone, but it has to be a hands free device.

Listen to the entire interview with State Senator Jonathan Perry: