The Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission approves a proposal to open the recreational red snapper fishing season in federal waters for the next 12 weekends as part of a compromise with the federal government and four other Gulf Coast states. The agreement could begin this weekend. Assistant Secretary for LDWF Patrick Banks,

“This would give our anglers extensive access to the federal waters, which is where a lot of the red snapper resource is located.”

Louisiana fishermen are upset over the current three-day federal red snapper season. Under the proposal offered by the federal government, Gulf coast states would not allow red snapper fishing in state waters during the weekdays up until Labor Day weekend. Banks says Louisiana fishermen are pushing for this change because there is not a lot of red snapper in state waters.

“Anglers out of Venice can typically get to red snapper within nine miles, which is state waters, but unfortunately parts to the west don’t have a lot of opportunity to access waters deep enough to hold red snappers.”

The reason for the strict federal season is to ensure the once depleted red snapper population has time to grow, but Banks ensures there is enough red snapper off Louisiana waters. He says this compromise helps all Gulf States with an extended red snapper season.

“Help give access to all of the anglers, we’re all disappointed in the lack of access to snapper in the federal waters and we’re hoping this will help everyone involved.”