The LSU AgCenter has launched a statewide billboard campaign urging low-income families to engage in a more healthy lifestyle.

Diane Sasser is the AgCenter's director of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Educational Program. She says the first message that will be promoted is to eat more fruits and vegetables.

"Increasing fruits and vegetables contributes to good health," said Sasser. "Then in our next quarter, we'll be promoting physical activity."

We want everyone to live a lot longer.

Sasser says banners and posters that will be displayed in schools, stores and parish extension offices during the campaign that will run for about a year and a half. She says they will also be spreading messages about increasing activities together as a family.

"And having family meals together," Sasser said, "because the family that prepares meals together and does physical activity together tends to thrive more."

Sasser says by displaying these simple suggestions in places that people will see easily and frequently, the hope is that they will absorb the information and starting thinking about their own health habits.

"It introduces this teachable moment," said Sasser. "We want everyone to live a lot longer."