Once again, the Stinkin' Genius has proven he's smarter than we are.

He and his lovely wife Melissa renewed their wedding vows yesterday.

In Las Vegas.

And, Denny's Restaurants paid for it.

For years on his morning show "Thinking Out Loud" (7-9 am on ESPN1420 and espn1420.com), Steve Peloquin has extolled the virtues of the two places where he most likes to dine:

Dairy Queen.  And Denny's

Ironically, neither franchise has a restaurant here in Lafayette.  But Steve travels a lot with Cajuns' softball and no trip is complete with a stop at one or the other...or both.

Friday of last week, Steve got an email from Denny's.  He thought it was a joke because the folks at Denny's, having heard Steve talks about them regularly, emailed him to thank him for the publicity and invited him to join them for breakfast at the Original Denny's location on Freemont Street in Las Vegas.  It was no joke.

Denny's also has a wedding chapel adjacent to the restaurant and Steve and his wife Melissa were invited to renew their vows.  Denny's would provide the wedding cake made of pancakes.

The offer was extended this past Friday.  By Monday, Steve and Melissa were on a plane bound for Sin...er....Pancake City.

Steve and Melissa also received three night's lodging at Harrah's in Las Vegas.

Be watching this site for Steve's recap of the trip and a video as well.