CANTON, N.Y. (AP) — More than 95,000 homes and businesses are without power this morning in New York, Vermont and Maine because of widespread ice accumulations. In northern New York's St. Lawrence County, tree limbs and power lines are coated in almost 2 inches of ice.

It's part of a mix of nasty weather hitting various parts of the country.

Forecasters say a cold front extending from the Gulf Coast to New England will bring widespread rain and snow to the eastern third of the country today.

While some areas cope with ice and snow, several Eastern cities set record highs yesterday and could do so again today.

And some areas are cleaning up after heavy rain and severe thunderstorms.

A line of storms stretching from southern Louisiana to Indiana has caused rivers and creeks to swell, flooding roads and spawning winds strong enough to force cars and trucks off of highways.

The storms are blamed for at least two deaths in Mississippi. One man was killed when his mobile home overturned and another man was killed when his car hit a tree that had fallen across a road. In Arkansas, at least five people were injured and two dozen homes damaged when two apparent tornadoes touched down.